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At MUJ Central, we have everything you need to succeed - from past year papers to 24/7 doubt support to an easy event registration portal. We even have a carpooling portal to help you find the right partner!







What exactly is  MUJ Central?

MUJ Central is about more than just providing a one stop destination for students. We want to cater to all of your needs, both academic and non-academic. Our website is developed by a team of MUJ students who joined this project to make a difference, and they're doing it all for free, and even you can!
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We have a vast collection of resources, including past year papers, assignments, course books, and course PPTs.

We have gathered all of the course material that you will need in order to ace your exams. This was possible because of the strong community of contributors. The resources continue to grow, so you will never be without the right material you need to succeed.

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Features that you can't resist!

MUJ Central's unique carpooling feature to help you find a carpooling partner

An unique event's portal to register for the upcoming club and college events at ease!

Blogs that we think will help you make the most of your college life.

Updated course material including assignments, ppts & books with 24/7 doubt support so that you never miss out on learning!

Get help from our supportive community of over 1000 people, no matter what subject matter is.


What to do they say?

MUJ Central has weekly traffic of 1000+ users

No matter what's your subject or branch, we have resources for everyone and more getting uploaded everyday! This has helped many students to ace their exams and performed better

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